Interview Questions

Here are the BEST interview questions for Sales Careers.

Screening Questions

  1. “Why did you choose selling as a career?”
  2. “How do you feel about selling as a profession?”
  3. “Why are you looking for a new position?”
  4. “What kind of person would you like to work for?”
  5. “What would your boss say about you if I called?”
  6. “What are your short-term and long-term goals?”(ask for specifics)

Work History Questions

  1. “Tell me about your best sale ever”.
  2. “What was your best boss like?”;
  3. “What was your worst boss like?”
  4. “What was your most disappointing work experience?”
  5. “Name 3 areas of improvement your current boss has recommended to you”
  6. “Tell me what improvements you have made in the past 2 years”.
  7. “How many hours a day do you feel a person should spend on his or her job?”
  8. “Whom do you admire most and why?” (leave open-ended)
  9. “What environment would you thrive in?”
  10. “What are you most proud of?”
  11. “Do you consider yourself lucky?”
  12. “Tell me about the last time you broke the rules”.
  13. “Describe how you would close a sale for our company”.

Situation Questions

  1. When a prospect says, “It looks great. Let me go over a few things and call me in two weeks”, what do say?
  2. Your boss has an urgent request for you and, at the same time, your best client calls with a situation that needs immediate attention. Which one do you take care of first?
  3. Another sales rep closes one of your prospects while you were on vacation. How do you handle it?
  4. Your best client calls and informs you your competition just quoted him/her 8% lower than your best price. How do you handle it?

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