Recruitment Services- Sales Executives Recruiting Agency

  • Full Contingency & Retained Search Services
    With our deep database of candidates, referrals, resource search tools and our network of over 1,200 recruiters nationwide, Sales Executives is confident that we can find the specific sales professional your company is seeking. RECRUITING is our specialty and main focus.
  • Resume referral only
    We can review resumes for you and submit only qualified for you to fully assess and interview. These would not include phone interviews with these resume only candidates.
  • Interviewing Only
    Some of our clients prefer to have a third-party such as ourselves interview select candidates before exposing their company name to potential candidates.
  • Sourcing Calls
    Much like the confidential interviewing, some of our clients prefer a third-party to make the initial call to ascertain potential interest of a targeted prospect.
  • Consulting
    Sales Executives provides consulting on an hourly basis to provide direction, advice, resources, etc. on the hiring process as well as sales management direction.
  • Assessments
    Using the internationally-renown Profiles International Profile XT, Sales Executives provides you with an individualized, unbiased assessment detailing 20 areas of a candidate’s job-related personality characteristics that can aid you in the hiring decision. Some of the areas assessed are: numerical reasoning, enthusiasm, manageability, attitude, independence, sociability, assertiveness and others.
  • Speaking engagements
    Sales Executives can provide a keynote speaker for your group or professional organization addressing issues on hiring the right salesperson or sales-related topics.

Relocation Resources

From consulting to recruiting, we can meet your permanent staffing needs. Many employment agencies are general in focus and cover many career choices. We cover only sales executive jobs. As executive headhunters, our breadth is deep on recruitment and recruiting for sales executive jobs.

We are the sales employment agency. Consider us YOUR sales staffing agency!
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