Case Study

Our largest client has a major expansion effort for the US-based sales force.

They had eight sales openings for outside sales representatives and over 6 openings for internal promotions. 

Type of Recruiting

Major Expansion

Eight Outside Sales Positions

Six Internal Promotions

Focused Efforts

We focused our efforts on the eight outside sales positions which were all interviewing across the nation at the approximate sale time frame. We had openings from Los Angeles, California to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Nashville, Tennessee.

We focused our full team on this project with a focus on providing a minimum of 3 qualified and interested candidates in each market for the in-person interviews with the Regional Sales Managers. At this point, we had 4 Regional Sales Managers and 3 sales coordinators with which we were working closely. Our search project would mean a minimum total of 24 full qualified and interested candidates. Our results were actually a total of  37 qualified and interested candidates provided for the 8 total open territories. 

Time Management

With multiple positions to fill, managing our time was crucial. We used sales skills testing to help.

Candidate Testing

We test hard skill requirements as well as soft skill requirements.

Employee/Company Research

We searched throughout the client’s current employee database and through our potential hires to find the best fit.

Team Management

Managing our team of professionals on this case was Cindy Houston Hazen.

Interview process

Our managers conducted their interviews between Feb.15- April 10. In most cases, it was a two-interview process. We arranged the candidates time slots and fully prepared them for all interviews. We prepared and debriefed with all candidates and sales managers following the interview to assess mutual interest. We then set and arranged times for the second interview- again debriefing with both candidates and managers within 24 hours following the interview.

When a candidate had been agreed to be the front-runner for the position, we then discussed all elements of the responsibility for the position itself (expectations), compensation, benefits, work environment, etc. We then assessed the level of interest on the candidate’s part. We then discussed expected offer. Candidates already had a feel for the expectations so there were no major surprises here. When the offers were extended, we were  already fairly certain of acceptance of offer within the short time frame specified. 

The Results

The end result was that we had SEVEN qualified candidates hired and our freshman class started on April 17.  Our top candidate for the eighth position accepted another position in an entirely different industry and our client hired the #2 candidate from another source.

Our client was very pleased with the hires and, to date, several of them have closed sales earlier than expected and are blazing an early trail of success. With the uniqueness of sales professionals and the varied parts of the country, this is a true case study of production and success. We will continue to track our new hire class through their tenures at the client company. So far, it’s been hugely successful and we look forward to the next expansion of this client and any of our new clientele. Adding stellar talent is what we do and we can do that for you as well.

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