Recruitment experts often dedicate minimal time per resume, making it crucial to create a compelling impression in seconds. Nolan Church, former talent acquisition specialist at Google and DoorDash, now CEO of Continuum, advises optimizing resumes for a 10-second glance. Standing out in this brief window involves elements like succinct bullet points and language aligned with the job description. Three resume “green flags” catch Church’s attention:

1. **Relevant Company Experience:**
Highlight analogous or prestigious firms in your work history, demonstrating your alignment with the company you’re applying to. Even if the company isn’t directly related, renowned employers can leave a positive impression.

2. **Quantifiable Achievements:**
Incorporate quantifiable achievements to showcase your impact. Whether you’re in sales or another field, providing specific numbers (e.g., sales targets, project successes) illustrates your contributions effectively.

3. **Interests Section:**
Include an “interests” section at the bottom, showcasing your passions outside of work. Be it sports, hobbies, or volunteering, this adds depth to your profile and portrays you as a well-rounded individual.

Church values candidates with diverse interests, like former athletes, parents, or hobbyists. This section serves as a window into your character, reflecting genuine enthusiasm for life.

Incorporating these elements into your resume not only captures attention but also indicates your potential dedication to your work. Remember, a concise and impactful resume can make a significant difference in catching the eye of recruiters.


Reference article: CNBC

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