Tips- Resume Writing and Interviewing

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Resume Writing Tips

What is a resume? It is a written representation of YOU! While a photograph provides an exterior compilation, a resume is a snapshot of your accrued skills, strengths and abilities. For your resume to be successful, it must do three things:

  • QUICKLY pique the employer’s interest
  • Identify HOW you can satisfy the employer’s needs better than the other 100 + resumes he/she is reviewing
  • Compel the employer to contact you

HOW do you do this? You must be very specific in how you write your resume. SPECIFICITY is the key. We will tell you exactly how to do that.

How to Write Your Resume

  • Contact Information
    • AT THE TOP, list:

    • Your name- let us know which name you prefer to be called by if you list three Names
    • address
    • Phone numbers -include your CELL PHONE number and area codes
    • e-mail address
  • Chronologically

    By far, most hiring managers and almost all recruiters prefer the chronological resume format. In our example below, you can view how the candidate’s jobs were listed beginning with most recent and ending with least recent.

  • Spelling
  • Check, recheck and then check again to make sure there are no typos. Many
    Hiring managers throw out any resumes with even one typo.

  • Bullet Points

    This is critical. After listing your company name and one sentence about WHAT you sell (please don’t put ABC company with no explanation of what they do),
    list in bullet points WHAT you have accomplished.

    • Was # 1 Rep in the Region out of 85 sales reps
    • Achieved 124% of quota for 2003
    • Rookie of the Year- 2003
    • Sold 8 new customers in Q1 for 2004
    • Achieved 225% increase in profits for 2003
    • Won President’s Club Award and Trip to Aruba
    • Presented new shipping program that saved the company 18% in shipping costs
  • Make sure that your resume answers these questions:
    • When did you work for ABC company?
    • Who did you sell to? Manufacturers, small businesses, universities, physicians, etc.
    • WHAT was your specific role? Whether your experience is in banking jobs, sales engineer jobs or an account manager, specific the title and responsibilities so it’s clear what you actually DID.
    • WHAT did you sell? Services, shipping services, IT software, medical equipment, etc.
    • What did you achieve? See above
  • Format
  • Microsoft WORD format is, by far, the industry standard when e-mailing resumes. If you do not have your resume in WORD, do it immediately. Businesses do not have WORKS on their computers and cannot open resumes in that format.

  • Length
  • Two pages are fine IF you have the sales accomplishments and achievements to warrant two pages. If not, stick with the one-page format. Rarely is more than two pages warranted and, even if it is, that third page probably won’t even be read.

  • Match
  • Make sure your resume has pertinent experience for the job openings or job opportunities for which you are submitting it. Our clients determine the requirements for our candidates and they will typically only interview candidates with that specific experience.

Click below to view an example of a well-laid out resume with attention-getting bullets. Use this as a guide when preparing your resume.

And, remember, no one can tell your story as good as you can so list your accomplishments and achievements and get your resume noticed!

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Best interview questions for Sales Careers

Screening questions

  • “Why did you choose selling as a career?”
  • “How do you feel about selling as a profession?”
  • “Why are you looking for a new position?”
  • “What kind of person would you like to work for?”
  • “What would your boss say about you if I called?”
  • “What are your short-term and long-term goals?”(ask for specifics)

Work History questions

  • “Tell me about your best sale ever”.
  • “What was your best boss like?”; “What was your worst boss like?”
  • “What was your most disappointing work experience?”
  • “Name 3 areas of improvement your current boss has
  • recommended to you”
  • “Tell me what improvements you have made in the past 2 years”.
  • “How many hours a day do you feel a person should spend on his or her job?”
  • “Whom do you admire most and why?” (leave open-ended)
  • “What environment would you thrive in?”
  • “What are you most proud of?”
  • “Do you consider yourself lucky?”
  • “Tell me about the last time you broke the rules”.
  • “Describe how you would close a sale for our company”.

Situation Questions

  • When a prospect says, “It looks great. Let me go over a few things and call me in two weeks”, what do say?
  • Your boss has an urgent request for you and, at the same time, your best client calls with a situation that needs immediate attention. Which one do you take care of first?
  • Another sales rep closes one of your prospects while you were on vacation. How do you handle it?
  • Your best client calls and informs you your competition just quoted him/her 8% lower than your best price. How do you handle it?