Crafting Standout Resumes: Insights from a Former Google Recruiter Turned CEO

The article discusses insights from Nolan Church, a former Google recruiter turned CEO, on what stands out in resumes for hiring recruiters. Church emphasizes optimizing resumes for quick viewership, as recruiters often spend very little time perusing each one. He suggests three key elements to make a resume stand out:

Relevant Company Experience:

Highlight past work experiences from companies similar to the one you’re applying to, or those known for producing exceptional talent. For instance, if you’re applying to an advertising firm, include experience from other advertising firms or renowned companies.

Quantifiable Accomplishments:

Incorporate quantifiable achievements to demonstrate your impact in previous roles. For sales roles, include metrics like percent to goal achieved quarterly. In marketing, provide specific examples of growing social media followers, and in management roles, quantify successful project leadership.

Interests Section:

Church appreciates seeing candidates’ personal interests outside of work, such as former athletes, triathletes, parents, or individuals passionate about various hobbies. Including a brief “interests” section at the end of the resume can showcase your well-rounded personality and enthusiasm for life, suggesting potential dedication to work tasks.

Overall, Church believes that showcasing passion, both professionally and personally, in a resume signals potential for commitment and engagement in the workplace.

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